URL Availability and Response Testing

VectorScan installs on any Windows workstation or server, and conducts HTTP and HTTPS response tests to one or more destinations. Deploy VectorScan to report uptime and availability of critical web-based applications and services, and be aware of service degradation like DDOS attacks or infrastructure issues. VectorScan reports response time is milliseconds, service outrages, and service degradation every two minutes to Windows Event Logs and as syslog when leveraging the CyVectors Event Forwarding Agent


This software runs on any Windows desktop or server version supported by Microsoft, and can be delivered in bulk by automated software delivery platforms.


VectorScan performs scanning of specified URL's and reports those scan results every two minutes to Windows event logs, and syslog when using CyVectors EFA.

Easy installation, includes graphical interface that fits in the corner for your screen for service up/down status monitoring.

Use case: One VectorScan agent per remote office, IT staff desktop, or any dedicated Windows host where continuous reporting can be provided. Install CyVectors event forwarding agent to send HTTP/HTTPS test results to CyVectors Vector Analyzer or other SIEM platform

  • Perform URL tests to verify website or web-based application site status

  • Proactively see denial of service attacks on monitored URL's

  • Report URL response time in milliseconds to any SIEM platform for performance-over-time trending

  • Perform URL tests to monitor for existence of files, scheduled file delivery to site folder, etc


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