Repetitive Lines


You have a syslog data feed, but you need it to be delivered to multiple destinations simultaneously. Enter Syslog Junction from CyVectors. Install Syslog Junction on any dedicated Windows node, send you syslog to the Syslog Junction agent, and specify multiple destinations on port 514 for the syslog to be delivered.


Deploy syslog junction to send syslog to multiple Vector Analyzer instances or other SIEM platform.


This software runs on any Windows desktop or server version supported by Microsoft, and can be delivered in bulk by automated software delivery platforms.


Syslog Junction allows security teams to move syslog forwarding from the network team's responsibility, down to a Windows Server where it can be easily managed without need for change controls and multiple levels of approval.

Easy installation, auto-runs on every reboot

Use case: One Syslog Junction agent for every six syslog data feeds. In CyVectors deployments, set all end-point event forwarding agents to Syslog Junction, then forward to multiple Vector Analyzer instances as needed

  • Receives syslog on port 514, re-transmits copy of syslog to multiple syslog receivers on port 514


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