Your end users want to be a part of the overall security strategy, but they also have a job to do every day


End users have been to employee training that gave them a series of email characteristics to check for security, but that turned out to be short-lived and unsustainable

Your end users receive emails from IT to test their ability to stay out of trouble, but no real gains are made from a pass or fail grade

When a suspect email is received, your end users simply delete the email and the information IT security teams need is lost

When end users open (and accidentally act on) an inbound email attack, they feel afraid, delete the email, and never notify anyone of what occurred, leaving the email's attacking payload to live for months on your network

The CyVectors Solution

CyVectors inserts our technology at the end-point, where the end user lives, and where the attacker is counting on limited visibility and awareness.

Your end users now sign into their Outlook email client with face recognition or a common login interface, to tell the Outlook add-in who they are.

Inbound email sources are scanned in near real-time to to identify threats as they arrive in the Outlook inbox, while emails sent from other CyVectors end-points are flagged as verified sources.

After an easy Outlook add-in installation, features are added to Outlook to allow end user to send intact suspicious email to support teams, encrypt attachments to eliminate outside viewing, and geolocate email senders for additional email sender verification.

The result is an informed end user who can now analyze inbound messages in just a few seconds, and still maintain their work performance for daily productivity.

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