Add-In for Microsoft Outlook with Embedded Threat Intelligence

How many times have you opened an email, and then realized the email is fraudulent? You're not alone. Email is still the most reliable way for cyber-criminals to deliver attacks to their target. A great deal of effort has been placed in catching those inbound email attacks in the cloud or data center, but it is the unprotected end user that is bearing the brunt of the attacks and unwillingly allowing the majority of egress data loss by making bad email decisions.

Today, 92% of all malware is still delivered by email, and 93% of all breaches begin with an email campaign combined with social engineering. In short, end users are being deceived by the attacker, IT/Security is missing the hidden attack vectors and compliance is still digging through emails looking for anomalies. Today's organizations need to prevent, diagnose, and investigate more quickly using automation that is embedded in their tools.

Immediate Return on Investment

Your email users are spending 15 seconds per email to evaluate its safety. If you have 500 email users on your network, this Add-In will save at least $8000 a month in lost employee productivity ($1 per day / per employee)  

Featuring the following proprietary CyVectors technologies:

  • Authenticate your email identity with an SMS login code

  • Inbound email auto-classification with AI-backed (red dot) intelligence feeds

  • Message sender verification (green dot) classification means both sender and receiver(s) logged in with CyVectors face recognition or UVM password, means the end of business email compromise

  • Right-click "send this email to support" feature

  • Toolbar button "Geolocate this email sender" allows Outlook users to verify the sender's location as compared to expected location

  • Logs Outlook user inbound threat activity and user email threat flagging to Windows Event logs and syslog.

  • Makes a powerful data feed to any SIEM platform where visibility into end-point email threats benefits dashboard and reporting value.


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