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Install the CyVectors NodeScan agent in strategic points of your managed network where continuous path visibility needs to be maintained. Some examples are DMZ servers, application farm servers,  Windows nodes in sensitive networks, home telework users where network security can be limited, and more. Configure your SIEM platform to trigger notifications on newly discovered open paths seen by the agent in near real-time. Use this information to modify network routes and device configs to close vulnerable vectors before cyber crime has a chance to exploit those open paths


This software runs on any Windows desktop or server version supported by Microsoft, and can be delivered in bulk by automated software delivery platforms.


NodeScan performs scanning of the surrounding network and reports those scan results every two minutes to Windows event logs, and syslog when using CyVectors EFA.

Easy installation, auto-runs on every reboot

Use case: One NodeScan agent per remote office, install CyVectors event forwarding agent to send discovered paths to CyVectors Vector Analyzer or other SIEM platform

  • Discovers paths using IP PING

  • Discovers neighbors using ARP Table Scanning

  • Provides unique opportunity to create alerts, notifications and automated actions based on network paths , in near real-time

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