SIEM Syslog Receiver - Embedded CyVectors Event Intelligence

Vector Analyzer is a syslog receiver capable of processing any syslog data, but is designed to recognize CyVectors-related syslog events as they arrive. Vector Analyzer is perfect for IT managers and security teams who simply want an enterprise-wide view of CyVectors data loss prevention activity. The CyVectors Prevention Add-In for MS Outlook, all CyVectors diagnostic agents, and CyVectors Forensics workstations, report their syslog events to Vector Analyzer.


CyVectors' engineers packed Vector Analyzer with a host of diagnostic, network scanning, and reporting tools that empower every IT professional with actionable cyber security intelligence they can really use.


This software runs on any Windows desktop or server version supported by Microsoft, and can be delivered in bulk by automated software delivery platforms.


Vector Analyzer is a super-fast syslog receiver, with all of the CyVectors event codes built-in. If you receive an event from one of your CyVectors Outlook user end-points, or one of the geolocating threat detection diagnostic agents, Vector Analyzer will recognize the event and provide a mapping environment designed for the big screen of a security operations center, or the desktop of those in charge of cyber security

Easy installation, may require one hour of training to gain full value. Contact to scheduling online training designed for your team!

Use case: One Vector Analyzer per security engineer, or IT staff member. Display Vector Analyzer's vector reporting maps on the SOC big screen.

Deploy Vector Analyzer first, then configure your end-points to report to VA during deployment.

  • Receives CyVectors inbound syslog

  • Automatically classifies and maps CyVectors syslog events

  • Can be used as general syslog receiver

  • Designed for single-user desktop use by IT and security support teams


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