Send Windows Events as Syslog

All CyVectors solutions log their events to Windows Event Logs, and many monitoring platforms will collect CyVectors events as Windows event logs. To integrate with SIEM platforms that require syslog input, the CyVectors Event Forwarding Agent will forward those CyVectors events as syslog to Vector Analyzer or any SIEM platform.


Additionally, install the Event Forwarding Agent on your Vector Analyzer instance to forward VA syslog to a higher level SIEM platform


This software runs on any Windows desktop or server version supported by Microsoft, and can be delivered in bulk by automated software delivery platforms.


Event Forwarding Agent performs scanning of the surrounding network and reports those scan results every two minutes to Windows event logs, and syslog when using CyVectors EFA.

Easy installation, auto-runs on every reboot

Use case: One Event Forwarding Agent on any end-point where CyVectors products are installed to immediately begin receiving syslog from your CyVectors EDP Add-In for MS Outlook, all diagnostic agents, and Forensics Workstation on PST and OST stage completions.

  • Send all CyVectors Windows Event Log messages as syslog to any SIEM or other syslog receiver


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