Your IT department faces daily challenges supporting end user needs, new hardware and software deployments, and a barrage of incidents from every direction.


IT teams and their managers are now realizing, sometimes too late, that many of the issues they are chasing are coming from external sources who are attempting to steal valuable data. A website that suddenly seems hard to access, network bandwidth disappearing for no reason, workstations locked with ransomware, and end user passwords suddenly not working, are only a few of the examples seen by today's help desk tickets.

Most IT teams never truly go after the root cause of security issues because they don't have the process and tools to be successful. Re-imaging a workstation and then dropping it back on the network has become the most common approach to cyber security.

The CyVectors Solution

CyVectors has taken a deep understanding of the attack's being used to steal data for profit, and a love for software coding, and created a set of diagnostics solutions not seen by any other software vendor, anywhere.

The diagnostics created by CyVectors not only reports vulnerabilities found to your IT teams in the field, they also consolidate the events as syslog to your management platform (SIEM).

Most CyVectors diagnostic solutions run as an agent on your Windows workstation or Windows server end-points, continuously watching the node for host resource and process anomalies, packet level traffic detail, and geolocated threat sources that are compared to the CyVectors AI cloud in near real-time.

Other CyVectors diagnostic solutions are designed to be used in a tactical approach, revealing cyber events previously unseen. Your IT and security teams will want to carry a copy of these solutions in their virtual toolbox at all times. 



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