CyVectors Software was initially created as many great solutions are, out of necessity.

In 2007, after receiving an email from a co-worker requesting a money transfer to help them out of another country after being robbed, I was almost to the bank before I realized the email wasn't real. I immediately began to develop a process for email identification and verification for my own use, and that process  eventually became source code, algorithms, and an AI-cloud data feed that does it all in less than a second.

Since then, email deception and fraud techniques have become the number one way cyber crime is delivered to students, corporate workers, government staff, and more. These crimes are now creating billions of a dollars a year, making the skills required to detect, diagnose, and analyze an inbound email message too time-consuming and difficult.

CyVectors makes it easy. All of our software installs with just a few clicks, and empowers your end users to avoid the email traps that bring down every security measure you, and your Internet providers, have put in place.

Whether you host your own SIEM or monitoring platform, or you have outsourced your IT to an MSP, our EDP Add-In for Outlook and diagnostic agents for Windows, always sends critical syslog data revealing new and existing vulnerabilities across your large enterprise, or SMB.

To complete the CyVectors platform, we offer OST & PST historical email forensics. CyVectors Email Forensics eliminates hundreds of hours of email analysis, and provides geolocated and AI-backed threat intelligence on historical email attacks. Pull data directly from any users server account with Mailstor (or other 3rd part application) and safely analyze email accounts on ransomware-locked workstations.

Your relationship with CyVectors Software is always kept confidential. We never share customer names for procurement references, or sales & marketing efforts.


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