CyVectors Software

Email Deception Prevention (EDP Outlook Add-In) for every Microsoft Outlook user in your organization


AI packet analysis and geolocation agents that reveal, terminate, and report vulnerabilities and breaches to any SIEM platform



Comprehensive end-point PST or OST data file forensics for fast and easy historical email account investigations

CyVectors Software provides data loss prevention solutions that empower Microsoft Office365 Outlook users (of any skill level) against email fraud and deception.


CyVectors has extended our AI-backed software to strengthen IT and security teams in securing vectors of vulnerability, and providing continuous improvement across the entire organization from automated AI packet analysis and intelligent historical email investigation.

All CyVectors products provide aggregated data loss event reporting to any centralized monitoring platform.

End users (of all skill levels) can now see threats coming into their Outlook Inbox, enabling the end of business email compromise with end user awareness.


Every Outlook workstation will send security events as syslog to your SIEM, letting security teams know if a suspicious email is opened by the Outlook user and dozens of other Outlook end-user behavior security messages

CyVectors takes prevention to the next level with a suite of diagnostic agents and applications that leverage AI technology cloud data feeds, geolocation preference technology (GPT), packet analysis, and other proprietary technologies to detect and destroy malware command and control and other data loss threats.


Diagnostic agents provide valuable syslog data feeds to your SIEM platform on each cyber security event,  as it happens

Preventing future attacks means understanding recent ones. Import any PST or OST file into CyVectors Forensics to dig deep into historical email account activity that reveals attacks, payloads, geolocated attack sources, malware attachment scans, and much more, all from an Outlook data file

CyVectors Forensics shaves hundreds of hours of manual email inspection techniques, and since it runs on your local workstation no sensitive data is exposed during processing

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