Loss Prevention

Our proprietary software was developed in-house


Black Hat Penetration Testing & Remediation Consulting


Historical Email Account Attack Forensics - Including Malware & Virus Analysis


Loss prevention and vulnerabilities are deployed to your SIEM

Please read this notice before contacting CyVectors

If you believe you are the victim of a cyber crime, please notify iC3 using this simple form to file a report before contacting CyVectors. If you need help determining if a cyber-related crime has been committed, please continue.

If you have a suspicion that your computer and/or surrounding home or office network has been compromised, you should assume all email, text, browser activity, and even your keyboard's keystrokes, are being monitored. To avoid notifying the cyber-criminal about your contact with CyVectors, do not contact CyVectors using any of these methods. It is also possible that your desktop screen, camera, and microphone are also being monitored. The best way to initially contact CyVectors is using the encrypted chat box on the bottom-right of this web page. Provide a phone number or email address where CyVectors may reach you, and a general description of what has brought you to CyVectors for assistance.

Unless you "opt out" within your CyVectors agreement document, network breaches discovered by CyVectors will result in the attacker's information being reported to the US Federal Bureau of Investigations via InfraGard.


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