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End User AI

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

End users (of all skill levels) can now see threats coming into their Outlook Inbox, enabling the end of business email compromise with end user awareness. Every Outlook workstation will send security events as syslog to your SIEM, letting security teams know if a suspicious email is opened by the Outlook user and dozens of other Outlook end-user behavior security messages

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Cyber Security Diagnostics

Reveal new and hidden breaches

The CyVectors line of diagnostic agents and applications leverage AI technology cloud data feeds, geolocation preference technology (GPT), packet analysis, and other technologies to detect and destroy malware command and control and other data loss threats. Diagnostic agents provide syslog data feeds to your SIEM platform on each cyber security event as it happens

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Email Forensics

Investigation from a PST File

Drag and drop one or more PST files into CyVectors Forensics to dig deep into historical email account activity that reveals attacks, payloads, and breach impact creating deeper prevention strategies, email security audit reporting, and end user behavior training

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Is CyVectors Right for You?


Your Exchange email services have been outsourced to a cloud provider, but growing threats require additional layers of end-point and end-user security for email messaging desktops and laptops


Your managed service offering looks just like the competition, additional end-point and end-user security offerings from CyVectors will separate you from the crowd 


You re-sell Office365, but your offerings are based on lowest price, not value-add. Bundling in a cyber security add-in for Microsoft Outlook makes you the choice re-seller for Office365

Your MS Outlook end-users can now proactively see email attacks coming, quickly and easily verify the email's safety with AI auto-classification & geolocation, and finally report the suspect email to support with a right-click, if email origins don't look quite right. The end user becomes your best partner in end-point data loss prevention.

CyVectors products have been deployed on thousands of end-points, and our global perspective of "threats in motion" keeps end-points way ahead of email cyber attacks, and organizations from becoming breached.


Due to our Outlook Add-In's cloud-based intelligence, your end user's Outlook email client is aware of threats occurring all over the world, before they reach your network.

Align your Outlook end-points with SIEM platforms, helpdesk ticketing, MSP's, SOC service-based offerings, & more

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Outlook Users Become Your Best Line of Defense

  • Instant Inbound Email Safety Awareness for every Microsoft Outlook end user

  • Right-click email isolation sends suspicious messages to any support team or SIEM

  • Email message geolocation for sender verification

  • Attachment encryption that keeps critical files safer when sending and receiving emails

  • End user activity logging from your end user's Outlook to your security team's SIEM

  • This Add-In technology for Microsoft Outlook secures the last, and weakest, point of your security strategy...the end user

  • Fast and easy installer

  • Face Recognition or Login Credential Verification that enables the MS Outlook Prevention Add-In

  • Global Threat Awareness for every end-point agent and forensics results

  • Face Recognition Attachment Encryption for MS Outlook

  • Geolocated Network Packet Threat Detection

  • PST Email Forensics & AI Analysis

  • Windows End-point host resource anomaly detection and remediation

  • Subnet uptime & discovery scanning

  • End-point threat isolation and termination that can surface and/or interrupt hidden malware command and control communications

  • DLP SIEM with embedded syslog message classification and cyber event visualization maps

  • Easy install, including "out of the box" 'CyVectors syslog to SIEM' data integration

  • Very large deployments can be completed in a single day using exe or MSI, with no disruption to end users

  • Automatic AI message safety classifications on inbound messages in MS Outlook, including color-coded message safety warnings that every Outlook user can understand

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