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Your Exchange email services have been outsourced to a cloud provider, but growing threats require additional layers of end-point and end user security for email messaging


Your managed service looks like the competition, additional end-point and end user security offerings separate you from the crowd 


You re-sell Office365, but your offerings are based on lowest price, not value-add. Bundling in a cyber security add-in for Microsoft Outlook makes you the choice re-seller for Office365

Used by thousands of end-points globally

CyVectors end-points are all over the world, and our global perspective on "threats in motion" keeps them ahead of email cyber attacks

Align your Outlook end-points with SIEM platforms, helpdesk ticketing, MSP's, SOC service-based offerings, & more

Is CyVectors the right data loss prevention choice for your organization?

Enhanced Outlook User Awareness can prevent 95% of all cyber attacks from succeeding

  • Face Recognition or Login Credential Verification that enables the MS Outlook Prevention Add-In

  • Global Threat Awareness for every end-point agent and forensics results

  • Face Recognition Attachment Encryption for MS Outlook

  • Geolocated Network Packet Threat Detection

  • PST Email Forensics & AI Analysis

  • Windows End-point host resource anomaly detection and remediation

  • Subnet uptime & discovery scanning

  • End-point threat isolation and termination that can surface and/or interrupt hidden malware command and control communications

  • DLP SIEM with embedded syslog message classification and cyber event visualization maps

  • Easy install, including "out of the box" 'CyVectors syslog to SIEM' data integration

  • Very large deployments can be completed in a single day using exe or MSI, with no disruption to end users

  • Automatic AI message safety classifications on inbound messages in MS Outlook, including color-coded message safety warnings that every Outlook user can understand

Outlook Users Become Your Best Line of Defense

  • Instant Inbound Email Safety Awareness for every Microsoft Outlook end user

  • Right-click email isolation sends suspicious messages to any support team or SIEM

  • Email message gelocation for sender verification

  • Attachment encryption that keeps critical files safer when sending and receiving emails

  • End user activity logging from your end user's Outlook to your security team's SIEM

  • This Add-In technology for Microsoft Outlook secures the last, and weakest, point of your security strategy...the end user

  • Fast and easy installer

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